Ghislaine Maxwell standing on stage with a child and Donald Duck at the 1985 Happy Family Disney Day.

Ghislaine Maxwell Hosting Children Events Pre-Epstein

New photos are being uncovered showing Ghislaine Maxwell hosting children’s events in the 1980’s. This makes you question, was Ghislaine involved in sex trafficking before she met Epstein? Did Epstein show Maxwell the world of sex trafficking? Or did Maxwell introduce Epstein to sex trafficking through the power and corruption of being deeply connected to the intelligence community? It’s no secret that Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell was a well documented Israel supporter with deep connections with the Israeli government and military, along with being an accused Mossad/KGB agent. Robert Maxwell even got a full state sponsored funeral by the Israeli government when he passed away.

More than likely Ghislaine continued her father’s legacy of working with intelligence agencies gathering intelligence and blackmailing high profile persons of interest. She most likely chose child sex trafficking to blackmail her targets since it would completely destroy a person’s reputation along with garnering them a hefty prison sentence. Maxwell and Epstein’s list of blackmail targets included powerful politicians like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, along with high-level business figures like Bill Gates and Donald Trump.

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Reddit user u/4FR33D0M provided some excellent links to some detailed articles that go in-depth on Jeffery Epstein’s link to Ghislaine and her and Robert Maxwell’s deep network of connections with the powerful intelligence apparatuses around the world.



Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s Donation

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jefferey Epstein’s relationship is vast and deep with all the different victims and people involved with their sex trafficking network. One question that still needs answers is how long their scandal dates back to. We know for certain it goes back to the mid 1990’s, but with pictures of children events Ghislaine hosted in the 1980’s coming out, it looking like it could date back even earlier, possibly to the early 1980’s.

Currently their friendship can be traced back to 1993. A letter from the White House Historical Association dated October 4th, 1993, acknowledged a $10,000 donation from Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to the association. It is likely their involvement with each other go’s further back, but currently it’s on record going back to October 4th, 1993.


Jeffery Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell receipt for White House Historical Association donation.


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