Is Popular Reddit User u/maxwellhill Actually Ghislaine Maxwell?

Is Popular Reddit User u/maxwellhill Actually Ghislaine Maxwell?

Note: Information is still actively coming out for this story. This information is not confirmed, but research and circumstances suggests there is a link between Ghislaine Maxwell and the reddit user u/maxwellhill. Original Reddit Post With Evidence

u/maxwellhill – Moderator/Lead Moderator of many large subreddits including r/worldnews, r/politics, and r/technology. (The user has since been removed from the r/politics and r/technology subreddits.0

u/maxwellhill has been a redditor since 2006. The first redditor to collect 1 million karma, now sitting at the 8th most link karma with nearly 15 million karma, and is a “Charter Member” (Original Reddit user).

u/maxwellhill is a very active reddit user who produces and curates highly upvoted posts daily on the major subreddits. There has been NO POSTING AT ALL after Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested nearly a week ago.

There is also a 4-5 day post gap around the time that Epstein “killed” himself. Epstein “killed” himself 333 days ago (August 10th 2019 – July 8th 2020. The reddit account u/maxwellhill has a gap in its posts between 335 and 327 days ago. The account stopped posting 335 days ago on August 8th 2019 (as of today July 8th 2020) and resumed posting 327 days ago on August 16th 2019, an 8 day gap.


u/maxwellhill account post and comments archive


Reddit user u/maxwellhill post history lines up with the disappearance of Madeline McCann.

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