Motor and Sensory Cortex and the Third and Lateral Ventricles - Gateway Process

The Gateway Process – CIA On Time Travel And Holographic Reality

Analysis And Assessment

The Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process, is a study performed by the US Army Intelligence and Security Command alongside the CIA. The Gateway Process study was conducted in the early 1980’s at Fort George G. Meade in Maryland. Classified documents from the experiment covering findings and methods of research were finally declassified by the CIA in 2003 and later in 2017.

It’s hard to miss the deduction of what detaching from time and space means — fourth dimensional travel with all that it implies (heaven, afterlife, a different dimension).

One can’t help but wonder what the United States Army and the CIA hoped to achieve with this research. What nefarious purpose was the CIA hoping to achieve with this process? Was the government simply investigating abstract rumors and claims? Or do they know some hidden knowledge whether it be ancient or occult that they wanted to further refine?

This documentary talks about many outside the box ideas such as binaural technologies and the law of attraction.


All beliefs block further insight.



The Gateway Process

As the body is turned into a coherent oscillator vibrating in harmony with the surrounding electrostatic medium, the specific exercises included in the Gateway process allow the participant to build up the energy field surrounding their body, presumably by using energy from the earth’s resonant field (the same resonant field that was the basis for much of Nikola Tesla’s work) which the body then entrains because of its ability to resonate with it.

The Gateway Process is a meditation lesson that taught humans to harness their own electromagnetic energy waves which come from their body. It also teaches them how to control brain waves, and use them to. Essentially, detach from time and space. This should come to no surprise. Alternative-historians have discovered Human history and powers of our minds have been hidden from us.

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