Los Angeles Issues Inhumane Water Restrictions On Residents

The Los Angeles California government is placing inhumane restrictions on residents that have repeatedly broken the conserve water order. Offenders will barely have access to any meaningful flow of water. Offenders need to have their water use in-check, but not restricted to such inhumane levels.

Meanwhile Nestle is bottling millions of gallons of our water for pennies on the dollar and selling it back to us making millions of dollars in profit. Humans are Free dug deep into Nestle’s earnings and reported Nestle Paid Only $524 To Extract 27,000,000 Gallons Of California Drinking Water. Also agriculture is using millions of gallons of water per day to water Almond and Avocado trees that are growing out in the desert. While all use contributes to water scarcity, commercial water use is the major contributor of water scarcity and low reservoir levels.


Los Angeles Water Restriction Device


A flow restriction device is simply a special round plate with a small opening that is installed at the water meter serving a property. Customers receive a warning letter about the possible installation of the device if they have had two months of exceedances (used more than 150 percent of their water budget) since December 1, 2021. If a customer has had three or more exceedances, they are subject to the installation of a device in accordance with the District’s Code. However, no device will be installed until at least a fourth exceedance, so customers can have more time to comply. Customers can also submit a Request for Water Use Survey & Commitment to the Efficient Use of Water Form that can be located at www.lvmwd.com/droughtresponse. By fulfilling the requirements listed on the form, customers are provided with more time to comply.

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