Andrew Yang has been consistently ignored by MSNBC since his popularity started to rise after the first round of debates. MSNBC decided to squander Andrew Yang’s rising popularity again in a new video released September 5th 2019.

They have been continually claiming that Andrew Yang not getting covered fairly is because of “errors & mistakes”, but now there is proof that it’s been deliberate all along.

Most Recent Example 1: #YangMediaBlackout someone at @NBCNews purposely removed @AndrewYang from the list the day after it was posted.

Most Recent Example 2: Photo PROOF: NBC removed Yang on their ‘2020 Candidates’ Page

Photo PROOF: NBC removed Yang on their ‘2020 Candidates’ Page from r/YangForPresidentHQ

A MSNBC producer responded to Yang directly on twitter, and tried to counter-accuse the video of being doctored before finally being corrected on the matter. It’s obvious that there are higher up executives at MSNBC and other main stream media companies censoring and removing content that even their own senior producers aren’t aware of. Otherwise he wouldn’t have risked his credibility to try to engage like that.

Between this, the mic censorship, screens turning mysteriously black when Yang’s name is announced…citizens are starting to become more aware of blatant candidate suppression in public elections.

If you want to see the other 20+ deliberate omissions of Andrew Yang:

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